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Tim Ohr, Writer, Fiction and Non-fiction

Tim Ohr

A Lifelong Writer,


Tim’s first short story was published in 1975, shortly after military service that included a tour of duty in Vietnam with the First Infantry Division. Following military service, he earned a degree in Sociology from the University of South Florida while working full time. He intended to go into social work, but was dragged into business by a friend’s need. While successful in business, he longed to write for a living, and has depended on his keyboard and Nikon since 1994.


In 1999, World Publications published Tim’s first book, FLORIDA’S NATURAL PLACES. An instant regional bestseller, it was followed by three more books in the popular “Florida’s Fabulous Series:” FLORIDA’S FABULOUS CANOE AND KAYAK TRAIL GUIDE, FLORIDA’S FABULOUS TRAIL GUIDE, and FLORIDA’S FABULOUS LIGHTHOUSES.  There are several Short Stories about Florida Nature, written by Tim in the United States, available on this site.  

Books by Tim Ohr
  • TIM OHR is the author of nine books, beginning with Florida’s Fabulous Natural Places (1999, World Publications), of numerous articles in regional publication, short stories, poetry, and a novel of the Vietnam War, Under the Gun (2008). He also wrote Florida’s Fabulous Trail Guide (2001) and Florida’s Fabulous Canoe and Kayak Guide (2003) in the “Florida’s Fabulous” series. He has edited or produced books for three different regional publishers and edited others authors not associated with those publishers, including both fiction and non-fiction titles currently in print.

  • Contrary to published reports on the web, Tim is not a native Floridian, but moved to the Sunshine State with his family in 1951. His family loved the beach and the great outdoors. His father was a very successful contractor in Pinellas County. Tim graduated from Clearwater High School in 1964. His college education became interrupted in 1966 when Tim was drafted. He enlisted and served a tour in a special detachment of the First Infantry Division in Vietnam.

  • After Vietnam, the author decided not to return home, where his life had seemingly fallen apart, but reenlisted in the U.S. Army. During the second enlistment, he primarily was stationed in Europe and Korea. In 1975, he turned down a promotion to Sergeant First Class and assignment as a drill instructor at Ft. Dix to leave the service after almost nine years.

  • Following military service, Tim returned to college to earn a degree in social work, intending to be a parole and probation officer, but was siphoned off into business by a lifelong friend’s need. Tim graduated from the University of South Florida in 1989 while working full time. While successful in business, Tim became a full-time writer working with regional publishers starting in 1994 and has never looked back.

  • His books for World Publications and for Rocky Publications reflect his love of the great outdoors. He gives thanks to his mother and father for moving to Florida, where he can be outdoors almost every day of the year. An avid outdoorsman, Tim began hiking and jogging in the woods when he left the service. Tim rides a Trek mountain-bike 30 miles or hikes ten miles daily to renew his soul. He has been twice and is presently married. He currently is working solely on fiction and is actively seeking an agent.

  • His books are widely available in Florida at bookstores, in Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million stores, and on-line from B&N and Amazon. His “Florida Fabulous” books are also sold in Florida at many national parks and monuments, national wildlife refuges, private sanctuaries, and many state parks. 

  • More information is available at WWW.TIMOHR.COM

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